DEOR -modern english

Welund him be wurman [#]Weland himself, by means of worms (swords?),
wræces cunnade,experienced agony,
anhydig eorlthe strong-minded noble
earfoþa dreag,endured troubles;
hæfde him to gesiþþehe had for his companions
sorge and longaþ,sorrow and longing,
4awintercealde wræce,winter-bitter wrack,
wean oft onfondhe often found misery
siþþan hine Niðhad onafter Niðhad
nede legde,put fetters on him,
swoncre seonobendesupple sinew-bonds
on syllan monn.on the better man.
Þæs ofereode,That was overcome,
þisses swa mæg. [#]so may this be.

8aBeadohilde ne wæsBeadohild was not
hyre broþra deaþas sad in mind
on sefan swa sarfor the death of her brothers
swa hyre sylfre þing,as for her own trouble,
þæt heo gearoliceshe had
ongietan hæfdeclearly realized
þæt heo eacen wæs;that she was pregnant;
æfre ne meahteshe could never
12aþriste geþencanthink resolutely
hu ymb þæt sceolde.of how that would have to (turn out).
Þæs ofereode,That was overcome,
þisses swa mæ may this be.

We þæt Mæðhilde [#]We heard that
mone gefrugnonthe moans of Matilda,
wurdon grundleaseof the lady of Geat,
Geates frige,were numberless
16aþæt hi seo sorglufuso that (her) sorrowful love
slæp ealle binom.entirely deprived of sleep.
Þæs ofereode,That was overcome,
þisses swa mæ may this be.

Ðeodric ahte [#]Theodric ruled
þritig wintrafor thirty winters
Mæringa burg;the city of the Mærings;
þæt wæs monegum cuþ.that was known to many.
20aÞæs ofereode,That was overcome,
þisses swa mæ may this be.

We geascodanWe heard
Eormanrices [#]Ermanaric's
wylfenne geþoht;wolfish thought;
ahte wide folche ruled widely the people
Gotena rices;of the kingdom of the Goths -
þæt wæs grim cyning.That was a grim king!
24aSæt secg monigMany a warrior sat,
sorgum gebunden,bound up by cares,
wean on wenan,woes in mind,
wyscte geneahhewished constantly
þæt þæs cynericesthat the kingdom
ofercumen wære.were overcome.
Þæs ofereode,That was overcome,
þisses swa mæ may this be.

28aSiteð sorgcearig,He sits sorrowful and anxious,
sælum bidæled,bereft of joy,
on sefan sweorceð,darkening in his mind,
sylfum þinceðhe thinks to himself
þæt sy endeleasthat (it) is endless
earfoða dæl,the (his) part of troubles;
mæg þonne geþencanthen he can consider
þæt geond þas woruldthat throughout this world
32awitig Dryhtenthe wise Lord
wendeþ geneahhe,always goes,
eorle monegumto many men
are gesceawað,he shows honour,
wislicne blæd,sure glory,
sumum weana dæ some a share of troubles.

Þæt ic bi me sylfumI, for myself,
secgan wille,want to say this,
36aþæt ic hwile wæsthat for a while I was
Heodeninga scop,the scop (bard) of the Hedenings,
dryhtne dyre;dear to my lord;
me wæs Deor noma. [#]my name was Deor.
Ahte ic fela wintraI had for many winters
folgað tilne,a good position,
holdne hlaford,a loyal lord,
oþ þæt Heorrenda nu,until Heorrenda now,
40aleoðcræftig monn,a man skilful in songs,
londryht geþahhas taken the estate
þæt me eorla hleothat the protector (hleo) of warriors (eorla)
ær gesealde.before (ær) gave to me.
Þæs ofereode,That was overcome,
þisses swa mæ may this be.
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