An illustred history of the U.S.A.- Bryn O'Callaghan (Longman)

A fascinating history of the USA from the time of the Amerindians to the culturally diverse but united country of today.


1  The, first Americans
2  Explorers from  Europe
3  Virginian beginnings
4  Puritan New England
5  Colonial life in America
6  The roots of revolution
7  Fighting for independence

8   Forming the, new nation
9   Years of growth
10 West to the Pacific
11  North and South
12  The civil War
13  Reconsrruction

14 Miners, railroads and cattlemen 
15 Farming; the Great Plains 
16 The Amerindians' last stand 
17 Inventors and industries
18 The Golden Door 
19 Reformers and progressives SO
20 An American empire

Twentieth Century Americans
21 A war and a peace 
22 The Roaring Twenties 
23 Crash and depression 
24 Roosevelt's New Deal 
25 The Arsenal of Democracy 
26 Prosperity and problems 
27 Black Americans

28 Cold War and Korea 
29 A balance of terror 
30 The Vietnam years 
31 America's back yard 
32 An end to Cold War? 
33 The American Century

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